Help Me Help You in incest movie!


Jasmine Summers is somewhat inexperienced. Shes never given a blowjob before and she thinks her boyfriend really deserves one, since they have been together so long. Shes super nervous, so decides to ask bro if she can practice on him. Hes a bit shocked but welcomes it, and she actually wasnt a bad suck for a first time.

Next, bro wakes up in a daze and right as his eyes open Jasmine enters the room with some oil ready to give him a handjob. She tugs that cock so well that he thought it was the best dream he ever had, but it was actually reality. Finally, big bro is getting ready for a hot date. Hes super nervous and knows this girl wants to fuck.

So he asks Jasmine to let him practice on her. At first she doesnt want to, but realizes she does owe him one. Jasmine quickly pounces on that cock like a spry kitty and lets bro know that he should be super confident in his abilities.

Watching her spit all his jizz out right back onto his cock was a sign that bro has some good things to cum for sure.

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